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Kat's Corner: What Happens at a Meet & Greet?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Kat and one of her fur babies.
Kat and Juniper

Before you book your pet sitter, a meeting should take place in your home or wherever care will be taking place.

First, the pets comfortability during the meeting with the potential pet sitter should be established. It's okay if your pet hides, they still get scents and sounds necessary to become familiar. It will take time to build trust. However, if they are aggressive or bite the sitter, it may not be the right fit. Once it is determined that the sitter will be able to build a relationship with the pets in the home, it is time to go over a few things.

Here's a list of things that should be covered during a meet and greet:

  • Tour of animal care areas and bathroom(s)

  • Tour of sitter sleeping area if overnight services are needed

  • Food routine including amount, frequency, and location of food and bowls

  • Water location

  • Exercise routine-do they require walks?

  • Medical requirements

  • Leash location

  • Litter box/waste supply location

  • Cleaning supply location

  • Home access

  • Favorite hiding spots

  • Questions you have

  • Behaviors

All client, pet, and vet information will be entered into the booking system prior to the meet and greet. If all goes well at the meet and greet and it is determined to be a good fit, you are ready to book your pet sitter!!!

If you would like to book a meet and greet with The House Kat, please review the following pages before clicking the "create new account" button.

We would love the opportunity to build your trust and provide peace of mind.

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